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Dallas Christian College offers a unique experience, combining scholastic excellence with core Christian values. DCC is an institution that will challenge you academically, encourage you spiritually, and promote Christ-like leadership skills that will prepare you to live a life of real influence.

Acceptance criteria are based on a student’s academic history and character evaluation. We seek to enroll students who have a background of scholastic ability and spiritual mindedness.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited scholarships and housing high school students are encouraged to complete the application process as soon as possible.




DCC is committed to provide an academically rigorous education that is built upon a Christian worldview.


We seek to foster a healthy community of faculty, staff, and student relationships that best care for and encourage our school body.


DCC is locally and globally minded, we seek to serve our local community, as well as send our students worldwide, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Transferable Hours





A fully completed DCC Application for Admissions.


A non-refundable $30 application fee


Official college transcript(s) from each institution attended or enrolled, with a stamp and administrator’s signature, which must arrive in a sealed envelope bearing the school’s logo Military transcript (if applicable).


Have your pastor, coach, or other mentor fill out the Spiritual Life Reference form online.



Write a 250 – 400 word essay based on the Essay Prompt.
It is highly recommended that transcripts be sent as early as possible for evaluation and classification to ensure entrance into the desired courses.





Pay the deposit if $200 PAY NOW



Pay the refundable deposit of $150 | Pay Now




Use the DCC Code (006941) to complete your application at fafsa.ed.gov. | See Details


Once scholarships are determined and we have received the FAFSA, a financial estimate is created.


Go to studentloans.gov to complete counseling for entrance using your FSA ID.


Go to studentloans.gov to sign your “Master Promissory Note.”


Check your “Crusader E-Mail” for any status updates of your financial aid process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
  1. It’s really easy! Just go to: http://www.malayadesigns.net/apply/

You’ll need to fill out the online application and also turn in the following:

  • Short Essay – Personal Testimony (instructions in the application)
  • Spiritual Life Reference (instructions in the application)
  • Send in your High School Transcript
  • Send in your ACT or SAT Test Scores
  • Pay the $30 Application Fee

For more information on the admissions process, go to: http://www.malayadesigns.net/admissions/freshman/

What are your admission requirements?

When making an admissions decision, we look at the application holistically. If you don’t meet one of our standards, we still encourage you to apply! Take a look at our minimum standards below:


  • High School GPA of 2.5
  • SAT Score of 980 or above or ACT score of 19 or above
  • Interested in a Christian Campus environment
How can I afford going to Dallas Christian College?
College is more affordable than you think. We scholarship all first-time DCC students.  You won’t be admitted without a scholarship coming your way! We provide institutional aid and federal aid to make your college dream a reality.  Your admissions representative, along with our financial aid and student accounts staff, will walk you through what the cost will be for you to attend DCC prior to you beginning classes.  For more information, check out: http://www.malayadesigns.net/financial-services/
Will you accept my transfer credits for other colleges/universities?
We do our best to accept any credits that line up with your degree program, if the grade you received in the class(es) you want to transfer are “C” or higher. If you have 45 or more credit hours, check out our degree completion programs! To have a transcript evaluation done, send in your transcripts to our admissions office and you’re Admissions Representative will get in touch with you to let you know what will transfer and what won’t!
Can I live on-campus?
In fact, we require all of our full-time traditional students (under the age of 21) to live on-campus if they don’t have family in the area to live with.  Our on-campus students live in either Newland Hall (guy’s dorm) or Winslow Hall (girl’s dorm).  All dorm rooms are a suite-style and you have free cable television (you provide the television!).  If you’re over 21, you can choose to live off campus or on!
What opportunities are there for me to finish my degree as quickly as possible?
Our Degree Completion programs allow students with 45 or more credit hours to transfer in and provide the quickest route towards graduation. In addition, our students are able to take classes during the summer, Wintermester (classes during Christmas Break), and FLEXCampus courses to get them to graduate quickly, if they so choose!
What makes Dallas Christian College different from other colleges?
You can go to any college and graduate with a degree in the field of your choice. Any college can prepare you for your profession.  Where DCC is unique is that we will prepare you for both your LIFE and your PROFESSION.  Through our small faculty to student ratios, our intentional mentoring program, our intentional Christian culture that’s on-campus and in the classrooms, and our close-knit community, you will be challenged to grow both as a student and as a person while attending DCC.  To find out more, come take a visit and see why DCC is different! http://www.malayadesigns.net/visit/
How can I get involved with a church ministry while being at student at DCC?
DCC is well-connected with many Christian churches in the DFW metro area. Whether big or small, we have the ability to get you plugged in.  All you have to do is ASK!  When you get on-campus, connect with Student Development to find out about opportunities to serve.
I'm interested in playing on an athletic team. How do I contact the coach?

We love our athletic programs at DCC! To get connected with a coach, just fill out the following form that’s at the bottom of the page and a coach will be in touch with you shortly.

I'm accepted!...now what do I do?
First, congratulations on your acceptance! You’re one step closer to starting college at Dallas Christian College. You’re next step is to get in touch with your admissions representative to get lined up for a Registration Appointment!  Don’t wait.  Get Registered today!

Still Have Questions?

Get a a quick answer from our admissions team at admissions@malayadesigns.net.

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The Details


12 transferable hours of previous college coursework with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher.  Applicants with less than 12 transferable hours or with a cumulative GPA below the required minimum of 2.25 must also observe the Freshman Admissions Requirements listed above.

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